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About HME Technology


Who are HME?

HME is a family run business, based in Bromsgrove in the heart of England, which was founded in 1984. Over the past two and a half decades we have dedicated ourselves to the educational market, and have developed into the leading supplier and installer of Design & Technology and Science equipment for schools.

As the name suggests, HME (Hot Metal Equipment) are specialist producers of heat treatment machinery – such as furnaces, forges and brazing hearths, as well as large combination machinery designed to help save space in small working areas. The HME name is renowned for its quality in such services, and the follow up services that we provide to ensure the longevity of such equipment.

Our expertise is not limited to within this specific area though, as we also supply and Manufacture a vast array of educational school workshop machines including those for woodworking, metalworking, and technology apparatus for education including the quality Union range of workshop machines.

HME's range of products include gas fired Heat Treatment equipment including Forges, Brazing Hearths, Furnaces and support producers of Welding Tables, Fume Extraction Systems, Kilns and associated extraction, Moulding / Acid Pickle Benches, Woodworking Equipment, Wood Dust Extraction Systems, Jewellery Benches / Torches, PCB Equipment, Gas Safety Systems, Metal Finishing and CNC machines. We also supply Fume Cupboards and Ventilation Systems for Science Departments, and offer a LEV testing service for both Science and DT Departments.

As a member of BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association, you can be assured that all of our products are of a proper quality, safe, suitable for educational use and comply with current British Safety Regulations.

We are also members of:


What are our aims?

To make it as easy as possible to get the equipment you want.

From the first initial quotation, to the follow up liaisons with our experienced sales team, to the design solution that we provide - we want to make the process of find the right equipment for your needs as easy and stress free as we can.

To ensure the safety of users of our equipment.

When our drawing team design the best layout solution for the equipment, we always work to the guidelines set out in Building Bulletin 81. Most machinery installed in technology rooms has a Safe Working Area, as defined in this documentation. First published in 1996, BB81 was revised and re-released in 2004, and it is this edition to which we adhere to.

We also provide LEV services, making sure that all ventilation and extraction systems are fully operational, minimising the risk of illnesses due to harmful dust and fumes. 

To build and maintain a friendly relationship with our clients.

This is always our priority, as we want all our customers to feel happy and comfortable when dealing with us – and most importantly, to want to deal with us again. We strive to fulfil requirements and deadlines, and are proud of our reputation for doing so.