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Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)

Workplace fume and dust extraction is necessary in order to preserve the health of the individuals operating machinery and working with hazardous materials. Within an educational environmental,this refers to both students and staff alike, and in order to comply with COSHH legislation, ventilation systems are required.

What is a Local Exhaust Ventilation System?

It is a system that:

  • Uses extract ventilation to prevent or reduce the level of airborne hazardous substances from being breathed by people in the work place;
  • Draws pollutants away from a process or operation that is likely to release a hazardous substance into the workroom air;
  • Consists of an inlet such as a hood, slot, booth or cabinet placed around or close to the point of release of the substance. This device is connected via ducting to the inlet of a fan or air mover. The extracted air is usually discharged to the atmosphere or returned elsewhere in the workplace, having first been cleaned to make it safe for release.

Dust extraction is a necessary accompaniment to most woodwork and metal work machinery, as the small residual elements that are left from such work pose potential threats to individuals, particularly if inhaled during the activity.

Fume extraction is necessary when working with heat treatment machinery.

HME provide a range of various ventilation systems that are tailor fitted to suit your needs.

LEV Testing

Regulation 9 of COSHH requires that any control measure taken to comply with Regulation 7 must be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. Obviously, over time, an extraction system will deteriorate and become less efficient. Regular testing of a system allows any potential problems to be found, and repaired, before major problems can occur.

HME Logistics offer testing and servicing of both workshop machinery and LEV systems - click here for more information.


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