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IMAGINEERING introduces 8-16 year olds to the fascinating world of engineering, originated and run by the education chairty, the IMAGINEERING FOUNDATION which is staffed by committed volunteers with engineering knowledge. It provides fun, hands-on activities, lets children find out how things work and how they are made, and allows them to meet real engineers and find out what they do.

The Imagineering Foundation organises several IMAGINEERING FAIRS throughout the year. This year, they feature at the Royal Bath & West Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset from 30th May - 2nd June 2012. For further information on previous and upcoming fairs, check out the Imagineering website here.

Building on the success of the fairs, and to provide more sustained engagement for young people, the Imagineering Foundation has developed other activities - notable Imagineering Clubs (150 running so far). Voluntary engineers (often retired) work with schools over 3 terms building models and having fun in the process.

(Registered Charity No:1087783)

The Foundation works hand-in-hand with professional organisations and companies, and Imagineering dovetails neatly with educational initiatives promoting engineering skills. The clubs have proven highly successful, with numbers increasing over 5 times between 2002 and 2008, and Imagineering has also been awarded the Learning Grid Quality Standard for its work in the clubs.

For the past five years, HME have been the manufacturer and distributor of Imagineering Kits throughout the country, and find it extremely encouraging to see an ever growing demand for them. Not only does this show that the great work being done by the Imagineering Foundation is flourishing, but that the subject itself is still as important and inspirational to young people as ever.



For those schools doing the Junior Engineering programme (typically Years 5 & 6 in Primary School), the projects are a mixture from Levels 1 & 2. The Inter-Engineering programme (generally Year 7/8 in a Secondary School) has projects from Level 3.

Level 3 projects are more advanced, take longer to build and are more technically challenging. Students who have already spent a year doing Junior Engineering should easily be able to progress to Level 3 projects. However in practice Inter-Engineering based Clubs are generally stand-alone with members new to Imagineering.

It is possible for schools to run the Junior Engineering programme for students one year and then do Inter-Engineering with them the following year.


Junior Engineering Building Schedule 2012 - 2013

Inter Engineering Building Schedule 2012 - 2013

Junior Engineering Project Summary

Inter Engineering Project Summary


More detailed information about Imagineering Clubs can be found here at the official Imagineering website.