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Dont Drop D & T

Dont Drop D And T Threat to DT Importance of DT The Campaign get Involved

In 1989, England and Wales became the first countries in the world to include Design and Technology as a statutory subject for all pupils. However, the National Curriculum in England is currently under review, and the subject faces the threat of removal as a statutory entitlement for all pupils aged 5 to 14.

In January this year, the Government announced that it would be launching a National Curriculum Review to consult on major changes it wanted to make to the primary and secondary national curricula in England. The latest thinking means that the only subjects which remain as a statutory part of the National Curriculum are English, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. All other subjects may become optional and therefore will be taught only at the discretion of the school.

Whilst we fully believe in schools’ abilities to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, we are concerned that too few schools currently recognise the importance and value of a D&T education, and we believe it truly is an important part of education. We believe it needs to stay in the curriculum as a statutory subject. We believe action is needed to make the Government understand this. Find out how to contact your local MP here:

DT Threat DT Importance
The Campaign Get Involved

HME Technology, as well as thousands of people throughout the country, believe D&T to be an important, exciting and necessary subject that needs to remain in a prominant position within our education system.

To share this message, the Design And Technology Association (DATA) have created a manifesto detailing the role D&T currently has in childrens education, the key role it can play in securing the country's future economic prosperity, the nations beliefs of why D&T should remain a statutory subject, and most importantly how to get involved and help this cause. Laid out here are the key points of that manifesto.