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Get Involved

Dont Drop D And T Threat to DT Importance of DT The Campaign get Involved

If you too believe in saving Design and Technology and keeping it a main part of the curriculum, it is truely necessary to show your support.

DATA have created an online petition, which can be signed here. The more people that show their support of the subject and sign this petition, the stronger the case against the proposed curriculum change - show your friends, family, colleagues and help us get as much support as possible. The petition will be given to the Department for Education later in the year to demonstrate the overwhelming support from all sectors of society.

Contacting your local MP and sharing your views on the situatiion will help tremendously, and by having a number of local people contacting the same MP will pressure the subject to be raised the issue in local Government. How to contact your local MP.

Obviously the more people that are made aware of the issue and the more support that the campaign receives, the louder and clearer the collective voice will be heard. Share the message online using social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. Such online services provide magnificent broadcasting capabilites and offer a great method of spreading the message.

 How the DATA Manifesto recommends getting involved:

  • Take part in consultations - the views of everyone, including teachers, parents, business and industry will all be vital
  • Contact your local media with good news stories about D&T in your school
  • Contact your local MP and invite them to your school to see D&T in practice
  • Ensure your senior leadership team is aware of the good D&T work happening in your class or department
  • Make links with the D&T expertise in your local community, e.g. designers, crafts people, engineers, etc.
  • Promote the subject through National D&T Week
  • Hold a parents' evening to explain the subject and to promote D&T

HME Technology fully support this campaign initiated by the Design And Technology Association. For more information on how you too can show your support and make a difference, visit and become a registered supporter.


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