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KILN - FRONT LOADER (267 L Capacity) - 3PH
KILN - FRONT LOADER (267 L Capacity) - 3PH
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Larger kilns can be made in "Split Form", which enables them to be transported upstairs, through access doors and narrow corridors easily and safely.

None of our kilns contain Ceramic Fibre.

Unique electronic Heat fuse set at 50 degrees above the programmed maximum set point and secondary safety contactor fitted as standard.

Automatic dampers can be fitted to all Front Loading kiln as an optional extra.

Kilns carry a 24 month guarantee on all parts excluding the elements and heat fuse

Technical Details

PRODUCT: A front loading kiln for the hobby potter or small scale production operation. The kilns are made using the highest quality bricks and backing boards as efficiency is becoming more of an issue these days. As with all of our kilns, function and durability take priority. The door seal is maintained by a non-ceramic fibre rope that is set into a channel around the front face, which ensures it stays in place, unlike other methods of "Stick on" fibre seals which often tend to fall off. The actual sealing of the door is automatically adjusted everytime the door is closed with the variable door clamps.Kiln safety is ensured by a power switching "British Specification" interlock switch that stops the elements from receiving power when the door is opened. The door vent hole has a lockable swing plate that locks in the bung not allowing the bung to be taken out whilst it is at temperature. This feature is a favourite of education establishments. SPECIFICATION: Free standing stove enamel cabinet ; Single door access ; Maximum design temperature 1300ºC ; Front viewing port; Top ventilation/cooling port ; W450 x D580 x H980mm (internal chamber) ; Capacity 262L (9.2 Ft3) CONSTRUCTION: The Front Face itself is made from "Hard" insulation bricks to reduce the damage caused by knocks and bumps during loading. The kiln doors are made of the same high grade insulation bricks as the chamber sides. The elements are all made from Kanthal A1 wire, considered the best wire in the world for this application. INCLUDED: Each kiln is fitted with a main contactor and a policeman contactor as standard.; Variable door clamps Variable door clamps. It also includes 1 x K2 Over Temperature Relay; 1 x 7.5 Thermocouple; 1 x ST315 Programmer; 1 set Kiln Furniture; 1 x Multi-pin socket and Control Harness POWER: 415v : 3 phase : 50Hz INSTALLATION: Fix to floor and hard wire OPTIONS: DIMENSIONS: W780mm x D1000mm x H1700 mm : Weight 460kg

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